The huVVer ESP32-MK1 board provides WiFi, BT, CAN, RS232, RS485, USB, dual Motor drive, Relay deck, and GPIO.  5V/3.3V I/O, ESD protected.  +/- 60V power surge protection.  Not your Grandfather’s Arduino shield! develops Arduino and Espressif SDK compatible boards and shields.  Much of the hardware is derived from production avionics devices that are designed for harsh environments.  This adds a bit of cost but greatly increases reliability and application flexibility.

The huVVer ESP32-MK1 uses the awesome dual-core 240 MHz Tensilica CPU, providing orders of magnitude more speed and storage than garden variety Arduino boards.  See Wikipedia for more information:

The huVVer ESP32-MK1 device is currently available as an open-source design.

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