Open Source Designs

Welcome to my open source hardware page. All of these devices were previously in production at Vx-Aviation. Now under the brand we are providing the source schematic information. There is no support provided other than what is available here, but if you want to manufacture products based on these designs, please contact me for assistance.

I have many more designs that I will be releasing here as time permits, so check back often.

Thanks, Vern (Voltar).

Open Source DocumentationSchematicGuide
AMX-2A 10-Channel Audio MixerAMX-2A-schematicAMX-2A_install_B1
AMX-4A/B 5-channel stereo audio mixerAMX-4A-schematicAMX-4A_install_A2
ASX-2B stereo music and cellphone adapterASX-2A-2B-schematicASX-2B_install_A2
IL-6A 6-channel indicator lamp controllerIL-6A-schematicIL-6A_install
AXIS-25A EFIS wiring hubAXIS-25AAXIS-25A-Applications_B1
Falcon-AVR Arduino-compatible motion controllerFalcon-AVR-V1B
ESP32 Multifunction BoardESP32 Multifunction Board
GaugeWidgets ESP32 Arduino LibraryGaugeWidgets Arduino Library
PolarDraw ESP32 Arduino LibraryPolarDraw Arduino Library