huVVer-AVI TBX App

huVVer-AVI with TBX App

The lowest cost tailBeaconX controller available!

This hardware-software combination provides a low cost controller for the uAvionix tailBeaconX diversity transponder. The TBX App runs on the huVVer-AVI electronic flight instrument, which you purchase from MakerPlane (

You can easily turn a huVVer-AVI running the stock FlightGauges App into a transponder controller. Just download the TBX App to your handheld device, storing it directly on the device, not on the “Cloud”. Using Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, you then transfer this App to your huVVer-AVI device. After you install and configure it, you have a simple, easy to use control head for the tailBeaconX. Just remember to hold down the Menu and Select buttons once at startup to clear out any old settings you may have from the FlightGauges App.

Better yet, you can obtain a huVVer-AVI device with the App already preloaded and ready to go from

For the technically inclined: The TBX App implements the SL70 control protocol for driving the tailBeaconX and other compatible transponders. It receives altitude information packets from an EFIS, altitude encoder, or encoding altimeter and sends these packets unchanged to the transponder, followed by a configuration packet created by the TBX App that controls and monitors the transponder configuration.

Download Here

Version 3.00 is the first unlocked release of the TBX App. You no longer have to obtain an unlock code for use, and you can safely ignore the unlock key in the System Setup menu.